Class 14 Results: The Chaos Effect

I was flying solo again for this class, so I preemptively talked to a few of my more rowdy gals before class to request that they be on their best behavior. The best behavior lasted about two seconds, and slowly devolved into a hot mess of frustrated and impatient kids. I had brought three little bottles of Liquid Paper for painting white spots, thinking it was an innocuous material. Have you ever had the great pleasure of cleaning dried Liquid Paper off the floor? It dries like cement, and the kids managed to spill the entire contents of not just one bottle, but two. Despite the mayhem, we did manage to squeak out some pretty cool butterflies. One girl had me glue two tiny eyes to an acorn, which I then glued to a thumbtack and to the bottom of the butterfly.” What’s that?,” I asked. “It’s his surveillance camera.” Oh yes, of course. I didn’t get much of a chance to photograph them, due to time- consuming task of scraping the spills off the floor (with a Zip disk case!).