Crafting Critters

Come along for the ride as I attempt to show young kids that you can make cute and crazy critters out of recycled junk. 

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Class 15 Final Class!!! Darth Vader, Vampires, and Tiny Penny Man!

I have taught my students well. Only one kid choose to make the Demonstration Dog. The rest created … I think best if I describe them individually.

  • Purple Striped Owl with fork feet holding a rose
  • Vampire with his bloody rib cage laying next to him
  • From Boy Ranger — towering something?????
  • Darth Vader’s mask
  • Orange Owl watching TV while relaxing by the pool
  • Little Bunny/Dog
  • Bookish Caterpillar
  • Little Bunny/Dogs on a farm with some food and a barbell nearby for lifting if they escape from their pen

At one point the kids were busy, drawing and putting things together when they all broke out in song (Best Song Ever, 1D). I was in a mild state of euphoria (was it the glue gun or the song?) and did not want the class to end. 

I have learned that six and seven year olds are equal parts bewitching and beguiling, transforming toilet paper rolls and wine corks into something cute and clever is immensely satisfying, and if you need to patch a little hole in the wall, you can use Liquid Paper. 


Class 14 Results: The Chaos Effect

I was flying solo again for this class, so I preemptively talked to a few of my more rowdy gals before class to request that they be on their best behavior. The best behavior lasted about two seconds, and slowly devolved into a hot mess of frustrated and impatient kids. I had brought three little bottles of Liquid Paper for painting white spots, thinking it was an innocuous material. Have you ever had the great pleasure of cleaning dried Liquid Paper off the floor? It dries like cement, and the kids managed to spill the entire contents of not just one bottle, but two. Despite the mayhem, we did manage to squeak out some pretty cool butterflies. One girl had me glue two tiny eyes to an acorn, which I then glued to a thumbtack and to the bottom of the butterfly.” What’s that?,” I asked. “It’s his surveillance camera.” Oh yes, of course. I didn’t get much of a chance to photograph them, due to time- consuming task of scraping the spills off the floor (with a Zip disk case!). 


Class 11 Results: If a tree falls in the classroom and the kids are not paying attention, does it make a sound?

I wonder. 

One girl complained that everyone was calling her “Princess” and she didn’t like that, so of course everyone called her Princess. Over and over and over throughout the tree making and the cutting out of teeny, tiny leaves. I did not bring the “demonstration tree” so they were on their own as to what it should look like. The monkeys were a little easier for the kids to make, although sticking a thumbtack through a rubber band proved to be a bit challenging to some. One girl made a monkey AND a squirrel, while another was in holiday mode and created …

Class 10

Whoops! Have to miss this one! My other job calls me to The City of Brotherly Love (aka Philadelphia). See you next time!